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I cannot not tell a lie. 
I love baby showers. Any party is fun to plan, but baby showers hold a special place in my heart.
A couple of weeks ago I was able to help some other ladies throw a shower for a friend of ours who will be having her fifth baby later this month. This will be her second little girl and I'm so excited for their whole family, but especially her other daughter who will finally get a sister!

There were four of us who "officially" co-hosted this shower, but there were lots of us who came together to pull off this beautiful baby shower brunch.
I mean, check out all the adorable decorations! After the shower they were given to the momma-to-be so she could use them in the baby room (well, the girls' room since they'll be sharing). I am in love with that pallet sign, even if I can't take credit for it. ;)

Other than some of your traditional baby shower games, there was also a fun hair bow making station with all sorts of hair pretties so you could create to your girly heart's content.

There was a great assortment of elastics, all cut to different sizes, as well as things for making clips. I saw so many cute headbands that some of the ladies made! I can't wait to see them on their tiny model when she makes her appearance! I bet her mom is looking forward to it even more.

My big contribution for the day was a crepe bar and I think it was a big hit. I love making a really nice looking food table, I just think it can add so much to the look and feel of a party. One of my favorite things to gussy up a food table is to add different heights. Sometimes I use boxes under the tablecloth, other times I rely on lots of different tiered servers.

I borrowed some little 2 x 3" picture frames so I could label all the food. Most of it was pretty self-explanatory (I mean, did I really need one that said strawberries?) but it was pretty essential to distinguish between the regular crepes and the gluten free crepes since I knew there would be a couple of ladies there that try to steer clear of gluten. Plus, the little frames did look really cute. The font I used is called cookie chips and it's a free download form

You can find my recipe for crepes //here//, and here are all the goodies we had for our crepe bar:

What are favorite fillings for crepes? Do you prefer sweet or savory?

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