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I love Valentine’s Day even more now that I have kids. It is so much fun planning valentines for my little man’s class, but it’s so hard to narrow it down! The Dollar Spot at Target this year had a lot of cute contenders, and for only $3 I could have bought all the valentines I needed for my son’s small class, with plenty left over for next year. A class size of seven is one of the perks of the Charter School hybrid program that he’s in I suppose.

This year I wanted to continue what I started last year and create some candy-free valentines for my little man to pass out. Not that I have anything against candy, of course. Y’all know I LOVE candy! I just know that they get so much sugar with valentines and class party and the like, so I like to be a little more creative with whatever goody he passes out.

Right now my son is all about mazes, so I looked online and discovered this website where you can build your own maze, how fun is that?! Then I created an image in Photoshop. These are the perfect size to print up two on an 8 ½” x 11” sheet of paper. If you didn’t need them large enough to attach pencils to, you could also make them smaller and fit four on a sheet if you wanted to. 

Once they were printed up and trimmed, I just stuck some new pencils on with washi tape and that’s it! My son is really excited to pass his mazes out to his friends. I love that not only were they simple and essentially free (I already had new packages of pencils), but I also love that these valentines incorporate something that my son loves so much!

Download girl valentine here //  Download boy valentine here

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