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Y’all know how much I LOVE Diet Coke so I am really excited to share today’s post! I had heard about some new specialty packaging that Coca-Cola was coming out with for some of their products, so when I saw these new Uniquely Mine Diet Coke bottles at my nearest Kroger banner store (Foods Co) I about died. I already have a deep love for glass soda bottles, but these new Diet Coke bottles that are only available for a limited time take that love to a whole new level! 

When I saw the glass Diet Coke bottles in the store I was instantly inspired by them to make a bunch of projects, and I knew just what the first one should be. The great thing about all of the unique designs on these bottles is that you can find one that will match any decor you might have in your own home! With that in mind I decided that I want to make bottle lamps for each of our rooms. Not only is this project simple and quick (my favorite kind!) but any diy project where you get to drink delicious Diet Coke while doing it is number one in my book! 

There were so many different designs to choose from it wasn’t hard trying to find one that would go with each of our bedrooms, but it was hard narrowing my choices down! Even bottles that looked the same had subtle differences and I found myself debating if I wanted this one with the swirl of purple or that one with the red design. Once I had made my glass bottle selections I also picked up some of the Uniquely Mine 12 ounce cans that Coca Cola has come out with (They also have specially designed aluminum bottles, mini cans, and plastic half liters! Be still my heart!).

Step 1: Head to your local Kroger store and find the display near checkout of the Diet Coke Uniquely Mine bottles. Choose your favorite one. Or five.
Step 2: Enjoy a refreshing bottle of Diet Coke in the most gorgeous bottle ever. Rinse and dry out your bottle.

Step 3: Insert a strand of “fairy lights” into your bottle. If you don’t know what fairy lights are they are teeny, tiny LED lights on a flexible copper wire and will soon become your favorite new crafty decor item. You can find them online or anywhere that might sell Christmas-type lights.
Step 4: Turn the light switch on and admire your beautiful and unique Diet Coke bottle lamp!

Be sure to head out to your nearest Kroger and stock up on all the pretty designs while you can, supplies won’t last forever! You can find out more about these bottles //here// and even enter a sweepstakes to win big!

Aren't you so inspired by the new Uniquely Mine Diet Coke bottles?! What would you make with them?

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