chocolate cupcake toppers

You probably already know this from my Instagram feed, but cupcakes definitely have a special place in my heart. There’s just something about them that are near dessert perfection, in my opinion. The perfect size (assuming a serving is four cupcakes… let’s just assume that), endless flavor combinations, and so easy to make SO adorable. I always like to try to do a little something to make my cupcakes extra special and one way is with a simple chocolate topper.

You don’t need any type of special equipment and with the nearly endless assortment of colored melting chocolate you can purchase, you can make them to match any type of theme you need. I made some simple hearts and number twos for my little lady’s birthday a couple weeks ago, footballs for the Superbowl, and those sweet pink eights for a friend’s daughter’s baptism (say that five times fast).

Here are some tips for melting chocolate:

What have you been creating in the kitchen lately?

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