Valentine's Day toddler gift guide

I admit it, I love Valentine’s Day, always have. It’s just such a fun (and delicious!) holiday. So fun to decorate for and plan activities around, especially when you have kids! Kids just make all the holidays so much better in a way. Mike and I always try to get a little present of some kind for the kids and this year I have my eye on all sorts of heart themed pretties.

Mike and I are firm believers that one can never have too many books and they are always a favorite item of ours for gift giving. Sandra Boynton board books, If You Give A… books, and Baby Lit books are some of the favorite on our shelves. These are all sturdy little books with colorful illustrations and cute concepts.
Something fun to do together is a great gift for Valentines Day since it's all about spending time with those you love! How about a cute Valentines themed cupcake set that you could use to bake together. Or if you prefer your cupcakes without calories, this Melissa and Doug Cupcake Set is extra adorable AND fat free. :) Of course, right now I have a baby who is too young for either of those things, so this heart shaped teether would be perfect to help keep her happy and busy while we played with cupcakes (be they real or wooden).

Finally, with four young kids in the house we seem to go through a massive amount of clothing. Well, maybe not massive, but impressive at least. ;) Some of these heart-themed clothes are just too cute! The cute Paris pajamas and the heart poncho are perfect for my girls, but I bet my little man could totally rock these adorable Vans that have hearts, as well as stars and the classic Vans checks.

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