s'more pancakes

We are big fans of pancakes in our house. We’re also big fans of s’mores. Chocolate, marshmallow… what’s not to like? These tasty pancakes are super simple and help fill the s’more void until summer comes and you can roast some mallows over a campfire again.

Start with your favorite, basic pancake recipe. A nice homemade buttermilk pancake would be delicious, but I just stuck with a simple Krusteaz mix for this batch and they turned out great as well. Ladle a small amount of pancake batter on a prepared griddle and let it cook up so that you can see what I call the “done bubbles” on top.
Done bubbles, trademark pending. ;)
Then spoon a dollop of Marshmallow Fluff on top and add some milk chocolate chips, or some chocolate bar squares. Once you have the desired amount of fillings on your pancake, cover with more pancake batter, allow to cook a little longer, and flip.

These s'more pancakes are extra thick and filling. In case these aren’t decadent enough for you, you can cover these pancakes with some chocolate syrup to really send you into a sugar coma. Oh my goodness, they are so good. Of course, pretty much anything covered in chocolate is delicious.

You can enjoy them with maple syrup (like this easy recipe!), chocolate sauce, peanut butter, whipped cream, caramel sauce… the possibilities are endless, and delicious!These s’more pancakes are the perfect treat for a weekend morning; you did know that calories don’t count on the weekend, right? ;)