keep calm and get a manicure

(I received free product from #Influenster in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. #Cheerphil)

I was recently sent some free products from Influenster and it got me thinking about how much time I've spent on myself lately. I'm talking time for "extras" here. Not necessities like sleeping and eating (and even those things have been taking the back burner the past year), but little extras like doing my nails. Confession, I generously received a gift certificate for some spa treatments for my baby shower for baby #3 and I still haven't used it... that was two years ago.
That's just kind of what happens when you become a mom. Your needs and wants get pushed aside and someone else becomes priority. Which is totally fine, but every once in a while I think it's important for your mental health to take a little "you" time, however you want.  Personally, I love to pamper myself.

When I saw that Influenster had sent me some Cetaphil moisturizing cream and a new Pure Ice nail polish color (Déjà vu) I took it as a sign to take a little me time and get my nails date night ready. It's amazing how much more put together I feel when my nails are looking good.
This was my first time trying Cetaphil and it might just be my new favorite moisturizer! It leaves my hands feeling so smooth and soft, but without feeling greasy like after some lotions. I also like that it doesn’t really have a scent so there’s no overpowering smell that’s competing with every other bath and body product I’m using.
This was also my first time trying out the Pure Ice nail polish. I was a bit skeptical when I saw that the retail value was less than two dollars because my experience is usually that you get what you pay for.  However, I was very pleasantly surprised with how long it lasted. I also really like the color they sent me. I tend to gravitate towards bright fun colors for my nails, and Déjà vu is definitely that, it’s a duochrome metallic color that’s comprised of dark blue and purple with a little shimmer to it. 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it on Walmart’s website and other information I could find leads me to believe that it might have been a limited edition color, so I’m not really sure why they would have sent me a color to review that’s not available anymore… I don’t know, I could be wrong. The Party Hard shade seems to be very similar, but without the shimmer and obvious purple duochrome.

This voxbox from Influenster was such a good reminder to take a little me time; so as a reminder to myself I also created a printable for my bathroom. Okay, actually I made a couple different ones and I wanted to share them with you! So remember to take a little time for yourself!

Download white background here//Download pink background here

Download white background here//Download aqua background here

What have you done lately that was just for you?

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