hot chocolate station + dipped Biscoff cookies

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The holidays may be over (insert sad emoji here), but ‘tis still the season for warm beverages and if your family loves hot chocolate as much as mine does, then you should really put together a hot chocolate bar to enjoy until the weather warms up!
A hot chocolate bar doesn’t have to be anything fancy, you can just pull together items you already have a put a little extra special touch to them! I used a tray that I already had and used it as my station, so it’s easy to move around my kitchen counters since I don’t really have a dedicated post I can always leave it. I coordinated some mugs and straws that I already had in my cupboards (since my kids can’t drink hot chocolate without straws), and then finished it off with some little extras—marshmallows, cinnamon, and caramel drink syrup.

I also like to leave a little treat on the tray that you can enjoy with your hot chocolate if you’re in the mood (you know, because I’m trying to lose the baby weight and apparently I like to test my will power constantly) and when I received some free samples of Biscoff cookies from Influenster, I knew they would be perfect! I had never tried them before, but I learned that they’re the same type of cookie that’s in cookie butter so I was sold since that stuff is DELICIOUS.

They are wonderful as is, but I wanted to make them the perfect hot chocolate dunking companion so I decided to dip some. I used a mixture of melted milk and semi-sweet chocolate to coat one half of each cookie, and then I covered some with marshmallows and some with crushed peppermint. These make them SO perfect for enjoying with your hot chocolate, and it only took a few minutes!

What’s your favorite treat to enjoy with hot chocolate?

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