front door update: part 1

Today I've got another house update for you! Whoop whoop! 
Are you aware of how expensive doors are? Well, if you don't know, just take my word for it, they are. Our front door is good solid wood and there's nothing really wrong with it, per se. It's just really bland. 
I have been planning to paint it for awhile now (in fact, you can see paint samples stuck on the inside in this post from two years ago). I just couldn't pull the trigger on painting it yet though because I knew that we also wanted to switch out the top two panes and put glass in there to let more light into our front entry (our house barely has any natural light, ugh). Well, for a Christmas present to us my parents bought us some beautiful rain glass and my dad installed it for us! I didn't get a full-on before picture since it was sort of a surprise, but I got this progress picture and you can get the gist.

When he was finished I ran out to Home Depot and picked up a peep hole for him to install really quickly also because, oh my gosh, it has always driven me nuts that we didn't have one!
It still isn't much to look at now, but as soon as I paint it it's going to look amazing! I really do love the rain glass also, it lets in some nice light but still allows for privacy. Plus it won't show the dirt as much, bonus!

I think I've decided to just paint the inside of the door white to brighten up the space even more, but I am still undecided about the exterior of the door. We've changed our minds about what color we eventually want to paint the house so now my blue shades won't really work. That's okay, I'm sure I still have awhile before I need to decide. Although, I do think I'll get around to painting the inside sooner rather than later because I already have white trim paint and I can not wait to see what a bright, white door does to the space!

Also, you don't realize how much you have appreciate peepholes until you don't have one any more! The first time I used it it was just a little too exciting for me. The kids love it too and always ask us to lift them up so they can see through it. it's the little things in life, right? 

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