snow scene in a jar

Growing up I was obsessed with Christmas villages. I would always stare at them in shops and dream about having my own. Eventually, my parents started purchasing me a few pieces at a time and I amassed quite a collection over the years. I lovingly set it up the first few years of our marriage, but then as we had kids and they got old enough to start getting into things, I realized that this might not be my season of life for my beloved village to be out.

On the rare occasion that I get to window shop in craft stores kid-free, I ohh and ahh over all the goodies and day dream about what I could do with them. Sometimes I see something I really want to get, but I can’t think of anything that I can do right away or I know I won’t have time to make what I want. Other times I see something on the shelf and know what I want to make instantly, and better yet, the price is right! Such was the case when I stumbled across these items and thought I could make a little scene out of them in lieu of my village.Thank goodness for Joann’s with their sales and coupons because I was able to make this cute little snow scene in a jar for only a few dollars.

I picked up a cute little paper house that is meant to be used as an ornament. I also grabbed a small bag of trees that were there next to them. Combined with a mason jar that I already had, and some buffalo snow, that I also already had in my Christmas decoration stash, I assembled my scene in the jar.

So simple and I love that I can enjoy a little Christmas village that is kept safe from my children’s curiosity. 

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