star wars family

A couple of weeks ago I shared the Tatooine t-shirt I had made for myself for Halloween (ah, who am I kidding, I'll be wearing it all the time), so today I've got the whole Star Wars gang for you. As in past years, I kept it pretty simple, pulling together store bought, and some handmade touches to make these costumes work.

First of all, I used my Silhouette Cameo to make a shirt for my husband, so we designed this "Ski Hoth!" shirt together to look a little like the "Ski Utah!" licence plates.

My two oldest kids were Jedi knights and their costumes consisted of leggings and thermal tops, then topped with homemade Jedi robes. In the interest of full disclosure, although I asked my mom if she could help me make them... she ended up making them completely.
Sorry mom! But thanks. ;)

Of course, no Jedi Knight is complete without their light saber.
Or their Halloween candy bucket.

My toddler was really excited about her Chewbacca sweatshirt and even though she had a hard time seeing out the eye holes, she kept the hood on pretty much all night. I think her pink Converse really completed the outfit. :)

My little Yoda celebrated her first Halloween in a simple white onesie and white leggings, with this adorable beanie from The Crochet Closet Tennessee.

The kids had a great time and didn't complain when we cut it short and headed home to eat some candy and watch some fun Halloween movies. I can't believe that next year we'll have four little ones to chase after on Halloween night!
What did your Halloween look like?

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