out with the old, in with the new

It's been awhile since I had a house update of some kind for you, not since I showed you our beautiful sod back in March. Since then Mike has been busy prepping our side yard for seed and getting that laid down before it got too late in the season. The grass seed has been germinating for a couple weeks now, and I can't wait until it's a little taller so I can share it with you. :) Until then, I've got another update, and although it's a pretty small one, it makes a huge impact on our curb appeal!

When we moved in we had these lovely lights in five different places on the exterior of our home. They're filthy, the glass is coming out, they have wasp nests in them, and they're covered in paint over spray. We finally got a few new lights at Costco several weeks ago and thanks to my dad they are now up and a huge improvement!

Not only do they look great (anything would be an improvement over the old ones), but they're LED and super bright.

I love the way they look at night too, and I wish I could take a picture that really does them justice. The light shining through the seeded glass is so pretty. :)

Have you been working on any house projects lately?