mason jar soap dispenser

DIY is often a great way to save money, but there comes a time in every crafter’s life where you have to decide if it’s worth your time and money to make something yourself versus just buying something.

I’ve been in need of two new soap dispensers for a while now but I didn’t want to spend much money. I love the look of mason jars and I know you can find lots of great tutorials for mason jar soap dispensers on Pinterest, but they involve cutting into metal and having an extra dispenser laying around. So when I saw these kits at Target I was excited for a simple solution at a reasonable price!

This simple project really does just take two steps that even the most craftily-challenged person can pull off. Step one -  purchase your kits and mason jar (or grab one from your cupboard like I did). Step two – open the package and attach the pump to the jar as per instructions. That’s it! And I am very happy with the results; they look so pretty sitting on my counters!

What craft projects have you been up to lately? Simple or time-consuming?