looking back: marbleized pumpkin bars

I've been fighting something off the past couple days so I'm taking a sick day today - hey, we all need one sometimes. :) So in addition to wishing you all a Happy Veterans Day, please enjoy this recipe that originally appeared on October 3, 2014 and was edited for today's post.
Nothing says Fall quite like pumpkin, and there's few things that I love more than chocolate, so these bars are practically perfect in every way!

These marbleized pumpkin bars have a chocolate chip cookie crust, and then are topped with a layer of chocolate brownie swirled together with pumpkin pie filling.
I know, right?
Other than the fact that they are super moist, they are also awesome because they're so easy to make. You can make your own cookie dough and your own brownie batter, but if you use refrigerated cookie dough and a box of brownie mix, these bars become a super quick treat. They are the perfect dessert to bring to your Thanksgiving meal this year!
Get the recipe //here//, and enjoy!

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