"welcome to the neighborhood" gift basket

Getting new neighbors can be really fun... especially when they're your parents and you suddenly have free babysitters in the house behind yours. ;)
No, but seriously, new neighbors moving in can be a great chance to meet new people, gain new friends, have new experiences, or expand your child's circle of friends. So, how fun would it be to welcome the to the neighborhood with a small gift basket to help introduce them to their new home or city?

In this particular basket I included an area map, a couple of local postcards, a loaf of homemade banana bread, and a jar of canned peaches from my favorite local Farmers market, Jardin del Rio.

I tried to include local items to help them get to know the area, but there are lots of other ideas for a welcome basket like this! Just try to remember when putting together a gift for someone you don't really know yet, you'll want to play it safe. Avoid food items with peanuts, in case of an allergy, and it might be best to steer away from alcohol or coffee as well, unless you're sure that they drink them.

And of course, when in doubt, just going over and introducing yourself (preferably with a plate of cookies) is always a good start.