tatooine t-shirt

You know the story of how the shoemaker's children never had shoes? Would you believe that I have never made myself a custom shirt?
At least, I'm pretty sure I never have. Honestly though, I'm so tired I cant even remember what I had for breakfast... actually, I don't think I had anything...
But anyway, with Halloween coming up this was the perfect opportunity to finally make myself something!

Mike and I will be taking a couple of cute Jedis, a Wookie, and Yoda trick-or-treating on Halloween, so what better way to join in on the fun then with a couple of Star Wars-themed shirts? Mike still has to tell me what he wants on his, but for myself I thought a shirt that said "Tatooine Beautification Committee" would be a little tongue-in-cheek and fun.

Are y'all dressing up for Halloween?

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