mary poppins baby shower

Despite all the crazy prep work that it takes, I love throwing, or helping to throw, parties. Several weeks ago  my talented friend, Darcy, contacted me and asked me if I wanted to help her with a baby shower for a friend of ours. I was so excited because she knew that I had really wanted to throw a shower for this lovely lady, and even more excited when she said that the theme was going to be all about the momma-to-be's favorite movie, Mary Poppins! How cute is that?!
So this post is short on words, long on pictures because, let's not lie, that's the best part, right? ;)

Lately for parties I have been loving mis-matched plates and mason jars for drinking cups.

I volunteered to do the food and the food table, but Darcy did the wonderful cake because she is awesome at them. Seriously. She also did the gorgeous cake that you can see in the background in one of the pictures in //this// baby shower post.

The food was fairly simple, but delicious. We had:

Darcy hosted the shower and planned a fun activity of making hairbows and headbands, it was so fun and creative! I loved it! I wanted to make some for my own girls, but I restrained.
She also had borrowed a bunch of umbrellas and hung them from the ceiling, I was blown away when I walked in the room. I wish y'all could have seen it in person.

What's a favorite party theme that you've been to?

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