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My name is Meagan and I blog over at Life of Owen. I am a new mom trying to figure it out, one day at a time with a coffee cup in my hand. I am new to the blogging world but find that it soothes my soul to write. I live in Alabama but claim Maryland as home too.

Staying positive through pain is a challenge for each and every one of us. I believe that is why we have been given family and friendships. When it feels like you just cannot keep going, one of your people steps in. It is human nature to want to help and show up for those you love.

The only thing is, sometimes you have to ask for help while you are sorting through the pain. And asking for help is hard for so many of us.

Obviously stress is high during life changes and decisions. And that's when it feels like you just cannot keep doing what you are doing. So maybe changes need to be made. Or maybe you just need a break. But either way, we all know being positive makes life a little more bearable. And that is when your people can step in. They can remind you of hope and peace when it feels like there is none left.
Finding hope and peace through pain has felt impossible at times. But we come into this world with people already in place to remind us of love. Our people remind us of the beauty in life.
But what do you do when one of your people is the cause of your pain?
I think that is why we have more than 1 person. We are given people as gifts in our lives. Each person serves a different purpose at a different time.
I am currently experiencing the kind of pain I never thought I would have to deal with. It is the kind of pain I feared and it is being caused by someone I love deeply.  I have always prided myself on staying positive through any situation. But being positive through this experience has been the biggest challenge.
But that is where my people have stepped in. My soul has been growing and loving and learning for years. And just because my soul is hurting right now, doesn't mean it isn't still full of love, life and the positive perspective I love and crave.
So I am trusting my people to remind me of who I am. Because right now it is a little hard to remember. Right now, through the pain it feels like the only emotion I have some days is sadness. But that is not where I want to stay, nor is it where I am meant to be.
There is a quote I have always loved-
"Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That's why it is a comfort to go hand in hand"--Emily Kimbrough

I am stumbling in every direction right now. And as I stumble through this painful experience, I am learning to rely even more on others. My people have showed up, even when I didn't think I needed them.
Coffee, hugs, food,support, quotes, flowers and love have been on my doorstep since that first night. And I know once I stop stumbling, I will be able to give the support right back to them. That's why it is such a comfort to go hand in hand.

Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful words with us Meagan.
Our thoughts and prayers, as well as lots of virtual hugs, are with you!

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