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There are so many articles on the internet about how to save money while traveling. Those articles, though, address one trip. Rarely do they consider the long-term implications of traveling. You see, sometimes it's worthwhile to pay a little more to pay less in the long-run. At 21, I've been lucky enough to travel to Brasil, Chile, Bolivia, Mexico, Canada, and England without asking my parents for a penny. I actually just got back from Brasil less than a month ago!

I have compiled for you some of my favorite tips and tidbits for traveling and saving money while doing it!

1. Use

I mean this wholeheartedly. Setting up an account and regularly using will enable you to earn a free night for every ten nights booked. Using such an umbrella organization will give you the opportunity to accumulate Rewards nights on domestic and international travel around the world!
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2. Use Uber

In case you have not already heard, Uber is an on-demand car service available in almost all major cities in the world. Yes, you read that right: Uber is international! Sign up with this link and you'll earn a free first ride!
There are two great qualities of Uber that really separate it from the local taxi service. First, you know that you're paying a fair price. In most major cities, except New York City, Uber is cheaper than the local taxi. Second, Uber comes with a map, so that you can follow the GPS for a ride you're in. This will help you keep track of where you are going to ensure your driver is not taking advantage of you for being an out-of-towner.

3. Go with friends

All things are cheaper when split. An $80 hotel room is only $40 when you split it in two. A $10 taxi ride drops to $5 when you've got company. A traveling buddy not only makes the adventure safer but also helps relieve the burden of the cost.

4. Buy local drinks and food

Local alcohol is much cheaper than the from-home beers you're used to drinking. To save the most money, buy local alcohol from a liquor store and pregame the bars, so that you do not shoulder the burden of over-priced bar drinks, especially if you're going to a bar in a tourist area.

5. Try new foods

If you decide to go eat at the five-star-restaurant recommended by TripAdvisor, you're probably going to enjoy the meal, but you will probably also pay your first-born. It would be much more cost-efficient to eat at a really local restaurant- Not a tourist-oriented restaurant with some local flair, but some really local place. You will enjoy the food much more and you'll save a ton of money!

What other tips do you have to save money while traveling?

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Thank you so much Emilie! 
These are some amazing tips, I hope some day to be able to travel as you have! 

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