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In Monday's post I shared some of my favorite baby-related items, and some that might be considered "splurges", especially for this budget-minded momma! One of those things was a Timi and Leslie diaper bag, what I consider to be the Cadillac of diaper bags.
Or, to put it in Justine language, the Ghirardelli chocolate of diaper bags. ;)

When I was pregnant with my first I did a lot of research on diaper bags, all different brands and styles, and from all different price points. I knew I definitely wanted one that looked more like a purse, I wasn't a big fan of the cutesy designs, or the military industrial look with a million pockets and gadgets on the outside. That's when I first stumbled across Timi and Leslie diaper bags in one of those pregnancy magazines that's in every doctor's office across the country. I was so excited because finally I had found what I was looking for! I mean, look at all these gorgeous styles!
At the time, being poor college students about to have a baby, I knew that we probably couldn't spend the money on one, but I didn't buy or register for another one, I just sort of put the diaper bag situation the back burner.
Then a miracle happened.
I received the two last stand-by tickets for the 2010 Ellen Mother's Day show (one for me, and one for another pregnant friend); and guess what one of our prizes was? That's right, a Timi and Leslie diaper bag.
That's where my love affair with Timi and Leslie began, but it just grew stronger as I realized what awesome quality these bags are, this is definitely one of those times where you get what you pay for! The friend that went with me to the taping did have an issue with hers, but she contacted the company and they sent her a new bag! So, good customer service too (which is big for me!!).

I used my Timi and Leslie bag everyday for 2 1/2 years, whether I had any kids with me or not. The gorgeous style and beautiful faux leather in a gunmetal color seemed to go with everything and I always received compliments on it. People were shocked to find out it was a diaper bag!
Eventually, even though there was nothing really wrong with it, it started showing its age a little bit so I impulsively purchased another brand (one that people rave about!) at Nordstrom Rack.
Big mistake.
I mean, it's fine. It gets the job done. I've used it for 2 1/2 years (seems to be the magic number for me) and there's nothing inherently wrong with it... I've just never felt the same way about it as I did my Timi and Leslie.
No excitement. No love.
After lusting after the Madison bag and the Kate bag for awhile I decided it was time to treat myself to another Timi and Leslie diaper bag.
So I ordered the Madison bag in dark teal/saddle (because I love a little pop of color).

When it arrived I was pleased to see it was even more perfect in person, and it's such an exciting package to open because each Timi and Leslie diaper bag from their convertible collection comes with a whole bunch of extras! One of my favorite extras is probably the stroller straps so I can attach the bag easily to my stroller handle. I also love the pouchette, because it's almost like a free bonus bag! This is the perfect little clutch for that rare occasion when I get to go out somewhere nice with the hubby. :) Now, honestly, the insulated bottle holder is a really nice extra, but it doesn't fit the Tommee Tippee bottles I buy very well so I don't get much use out of that.

I knew I wanted a bag on the larger size (After all, I'm about to have four kids age 5 and under!!), but not too big, because my last bag was way to big and everything always got lost in there. The Madison bag is the perfect size for me and has six interior pockets, as well as three exterior pockets, perfect for keeping everything organized and easily accessible! I also love that the material of the bag is so easy to wipe clean, both on the outside and on the inside; definitely important for spilled sippies and rogue graham cracker crumbs!
One thing I love about the Timi and Leslie website is that they include tons of pictures and have all the measurements for their bags, which is big for me because I hate ordering things on line blindly, I like to know exactly what I'm getting!

Through July 31 you can use the code littledove20 at checkout on the Timi and Leslie website to receive 20% off your order!

If you'd like another perspective on one of these beautiful bags in a different style, my friend Jessica over at Jessica Lynn Writes shares my love for Timi and Leslie, and you can check out her review of the Abby bag here!

(I was not paid or compensated for this post, other than being provided by the wonderful people at Timi and Leslie with a 20% off code for all of my readers! Some links do contain affiliates. All opinions are my own.)

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