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4th of July2

Hi friends! My name is Amber, I blog over at When Is Nap Time? about crafts and activities for kids as well as life as a stay-at-home-mom.   I am a craft addict and I love sharing that with my 2 boys ages 5 and 3. And today I would love to share that with you too! A big thank you to Justine for allowing me to share our favorite go-to crafts!  

1) Painting. 
 Both my kids love painting. I usually stock up on watercolors and finger paints and brushes at the dollar store. I am cheap and they have an amazing craft section! When my youngest was under one, we used whipped cream and food coloring for him to paint with so that he could join the fun in an edible way. We have a few favorite ways to paint. The boys love marble painting! We dip marbles in different colors of paint and roll them around a tray. The end result is so cool and they have a blast doing it. We also love salt painting. Draw a design on paper using school glue and cover it with table salt. Using watercolors, just place the brush on the salt and watch the color spread. It's so cool and entertaining

. marble painting   

(Aww they were so little!)

2) Shapes collages. 
This is a great craft because the supplies are almost always on hand. I draw shapes on a piece of construction paper then my boys cut them out and glue them on to another paper any way they want. It so great for their fine motor skills and creativity.


3) Foam crafts.
I have an obsession with craft foam especially for kids! There is so much you can make with it and it's really easy for younger kids to work with. We love making picture frames using foam stickers. Craft foam also makes great masks.

  foam flowers1  nye4 nye5 

4) Bracelet making. 
A bag of pony beads from the dollar store and some pipe cleaners can keep my kids busy for an hour! They love making bracelets for family and friends and it is so amazing for fine motor skills!

spring3 jinglebells 

5) Stickers and stamps.
When all else fails, a blank piece of paper, a box of stickers, markers and stamps can keep my kids occupied long enough for me to do a load of dishes! Which is always a win in my book! What are some of your family's favorite crafts?


Thanks for sharing all these great ideas Amber! I know I've definitely been looking for fun activities to do inside with my littles during this hot Summer!

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