virgin watermelon lava flow

Lately I've been thinking a lot lately about one of my first visits to Hawai'i with my family. We were sitting poolside at our hotel on Waikiki and my mom ordered us virgin Lava Flows.
My word.
The pineapple, coconut, banana, and strawberry puree? Heaven.
I don't know if it's the heat lately, or my crazy pregnancy fruit craving going on right now, but I can not get enough fruit and smoothies in my system, and a virgin Lava Flow is something I've been wanting really badly lately.

Well, we may not have had pineapple or bananas in the house (a rarity, truthfully), but we did have an abundance of watermelon and frozen strawberries, so together with some cream of coconut that I keep in the cupboard, I was able to create a very similar drink in no time flat, and it was so good!
The watermelon and strawberry blend together so deliciously, and the cream of coconut is an extra bonus that is really reminiscent of an authentic virgin Lava Flow.
My son loved this "tasty watermelon juice". :)
I like to use frozen strawberries, which are not typically as sweet as fresh, so you might want to add some honey to sweeten it up, totally your choice.

1 handful of strawberries (I prefer frozen)
1 cup of watermelon
1 TBSP cream of coconut
1/2 TBSP honey, optional 

Blend together until smooth, adding in watermelon juice or water as needed to achieve desired consistency. Drizzle more cream of coconut on interior of glass if wanted so it runs down the sides into the drink.