monday musings link up #4: I was worried he wouldn't show up...

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I woke up that morning and it took me a second; then once I realized what day it was I was surprised I had ever fallen asleep.
Also, I felt a little bit of resentment that I had been up late getting things ready and setting stuff up in the tent outside while my husband enjoyed his nerdy Bachelor party with his friends and had probably gotten to bed at a semi-decent time.
I mean, there I was hanging lanterns and lights in a rented tent at who-knows-what-time while he was at Medieval Times eating delicious food with his hands and watching grown men pretend to joust each other...
But I digress.

I walked to the bathroom to get ready feeling surprisingly calm and collected. Since I'd gotten my hair done the day before for some early pictures, I just had to fix a few spots with my curling iron.
Put on my makeup.
Stare some more at my gorgeous engagement ring and thinking about how excited I was to add my band to it later that morning.
Get into the most beautiful dress in the world. The first of only three dresses I tried on and it was the dress...
But I digress again.

Got into the car with my mom to stop at the florist's before heading to the Newport Beach Temple.
Take a peek into the box at my beautiful, beautiful bouquet. The bouquet that almost wasn't, because for some reason I had to go to three different florists because none of them could see my vision that I merely wanted an all-white bouquet, every white flower you could think of.
"Oh no, you don't want that."
Yes I do.

And that's when I started getting nervous.
What if he doesn't show up?
This just seems too perfect, what if he woke up this morning and changed his mind?
What if I wake up and this was all a dream? What if we never actually got back together after that first time we broke up... or the second? (Yeah, that's a whole other post.)

We find a place to park and my stomach is getting more and more butterflies as I get nearer to the big set of doors. I see some friends waiting outside for other people and ask if they've seen him yet? Is he here?
I guess I sounded scared or unsure because they just give me a funny look and say yes.
I walk in and I'm greeted and already I'm feeling a little calmer, a little at peace. But that's always how I feel when I walk into the temple, the whole world just starts to melt away.
Then I see him, and he looks calm, he looks sure... he looks handsome.

It wasn't until much later in the day that I thought to myself, "Hey, that ribbon around my bouquet was supposed to be aqua".

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