last minute gifts for father's day

I've mentioned before that my sweet husband is not a picnic to shop for.
It can be especially challenging during this time of year because it's like all of the gifting for my husband happens around the same time. His birthday is the last day of April, then we've got Father's Day in June, and our anniversary just a few days later! I don't have time to think of anything good with them right on top of each other like that. Luckily for me, we typically just go on some type of trip or overnight for our anniversary in lieu of gifts, but it's still hard to think of two others in such a short amount of time! And I think that with just under two weeks to go till Father's Day, it's safe to call this last minute, if you're going to order something, do it now!
Here are some great last minute ideas that should fit just about every dad out there.

//1. Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker//
If your other half has a sweet tooth and you don't already own one, I highly suggest purchasing an ice cream maker. Cuisinart is the brand that we have and we love it! I am not a fan of superfluous kitchen appliances that just take up space and rarely get used, and I can proudly meekly honestly say that we use our all the time! Whether he's the one that will be using it, or you will, he'll definitely benefit; it is really the gift that keeps on giving. ;)

//2. Vibram Running Shoes//
If you've got a heath and fitness nut, or maybe just an aspiring one, then you might want to consider new running shoes. Vibram five fingered running shoes definitely aren't for everyone, but my husband bought a pair a few years ago and enjoyed them... once his body adjusted. I have yet to give them a try but I'm really curious how my body would react!

//3. Leather Tablet Case//
Maybe new technology isn't in your budget (I know it's not in mine!), but what about a new case for his tablet or phone? This leather one is gorgeous and if your man is anything like mine, he's probably pretty tough on his case and is due for a new one!

//4. Superhero Shirt//
Most men have at least a little geek in them when it comes to Superheros (heck, most women too!), and although my husband already has 4 or 5 superhero shirts in his closet I'm always on the lookout for a new one. Plus, with such a low price point, this makes a great gift from your little ones to their favorite superhero, their dad!

//5. Collar Stays//
This is something I've been wanting to purchase for Mike for awhile now. The plastic ones that come in dress shirts always seem to end up lost, and I love that you can engrave these to give them a personalized touch.

//6. Backpacking Stove//
If you've got an outdoors type of guy to shop for, maybe he'd like some new backpacking equipment. These ultralight backpacking stoves are amazing and are probably high on most camper's lists; I know my own dad was eyeing one for awhile. Plus, you can rest assured knowing your honey is well-fed when he's out roughing it.

//7. Meat Markers//
My husband loves to grill, and he is amazing at chicken, and especially steak. I would love to get him something like this so he can mark how done the meat is cooked right as it comes off the grill! A fun little "extra" that he probably doesn't have yet. Great for dinner parties too.

//8. Leather Wallet//
There is nothing that quite compares to that new leather smell, huh? And assuming you can't afford a nice, new sports car complete with new car smell, then how about a nice, new wallet? Chances are, it's something that your man doesn't really think of replacing himself and his is probably in rough shape. Plus you could always slip a gift card or a new picture of the kiddos in there for a bonus gift!

//9. Jack Black Shaving Lube//
I actually bought some of this for Mike a couple years ago and he loves it. He hates to shave because of how much it irritates his skin, but even he was impressed with how much this stuff helps his skin.

See something you like? Do you have any other ideas for me? I'd love to hear below!

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