"best day ever" sign

My little sister's wedding day is fast approaching, and as if seeing my own friend's little sisters growing up and getting married didn't make me feel old enough, now I'm going through it too.
Le sigh.
But it has been really fun and exciting for me to watch her going through all the preparations for the big day... even if she is a ball of stress #blessherheart.
I've had lots of fun designing her invites for her bridal shower and helping out with that, and also designing her wedding announcements (can't wait to share those with you!), so now I just have a couple small odds and ends I'm helping with for her bachelorette party and the big day, squeal!
One of those things was cutting out a sign using my Silhouette Cameo. This "Best Day Ever" sign was pinned on her Pinterest board and when I saw it I knew that was something I could easily take on for her!
This was one of those projects that was hard to get a good picture of, lighting and the overall scale of it were not working in my favor. I used full sheets of 65 pound gray cardstock, so each letter is about 9 inches tall. Hopefully I'll be able to get some better shots at the reception.

Projects like this still have me wishing that Pinterest had been around when I got married! Although with only two months to plan a wedding, I probably took on plenty as it was, lol.

Did you do a lot of DIY for you wedding?

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