a letter to my fellow store patron...

Today I was able to write a guest post for Courtney over at Shiraz in my Sippy Cup as she is in the midst of moving. This is such an exciting time for her family, but as someone that has moved a handful of times (and with a newborn twice!!), I know how busy it can be! I'm so glad that I could help her out a little bit and return some of the bloggy love that has been shown to me lately. :)

Shiraz in my sippy cup

So read this excerpt from my post of something that has been on my mind quite a bit lately, and then head over to Courtney's blog and check out the whole thing!

To my fellow store patron,

I realize that in a country where the average family consists of 3.13 people I'm a bit of an anomaly. Three young children, and at the stage where I'm obviously pregnant with another one... I get it. I do. 
However, just so you know...

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