2015 summer bucket list

This will be the third year that I've made a summer bucket list, and the third year I'm sharing it with all of you! Last year I compiled our family's bucket list into a fun Bingo sheet and shared the (mostly) blank PDF with you, this year I designed a coloring sheet for us to brighten up as we go along!

It was a little different thinking of things this year, because some of our old standards (camping, going to the fair) I wasn't sure we'd be able to accomplish because of me being SO pregnant and having the baby at some point. Still though, we have a fun list of activities we already have planned, like our annual pilgrimage to a National Park (this year it's Zion National Park in Utah), easy-to-accomplish standards, like going swimming, and a brand new one for this year--making tie-dye shirts! I haven't done this since I was younger and thought it would be so frustrating fun to do with my kids!
If you want your own Summer bucket list coloring sheet, I have a (mostly) blank one just for you right //here//!
//2013 list here//2014 list here//

What things are on your family's bucket list?

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