#GirlMomBoxSwap reveal!

In Monday's post I talked a little bit about my swap buddies for the Girl Mom Box Swap I was participating in. Today I get to share the amazing box we got from my buddy Liz!

It was funny to me to see the juxtaposition between when my son opened his Boy Mom Box Swap, and my daughters opened theirs. Whereas my son had been ripping through that box quick as he could and only stopped to look at things once everything was out of the box, my daughters would exclaim over each and every thing. They would reach in and grab something, and my older daughter would examine her find saying things like, "ohhh...", like she'd never seen something so beautiful. My younger daughter would grab something, then walk away with it and comeback after she'd checked it out for a few minutes so she could grab the next item.

Liz had really done a great job picking out items, I couldn't believe how much she had crammed into the box! Among other things, my daughter was super excited to see a new Color Wonder coloring book, a new Curious George movie, chalk, bubbles... okay she was pretty much thrilled to see everything.

Liz made sure to include some goodies for me too, like some pretty pink pens, some Essie nail polish, and some cute homemade magnets.
Thank you SO much Liz! It was a great swap box and we have been enjoying all the awesomeness you sent!

Be sure to check out Jessica's blog and see what my girls and I sent to her!

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