practical water conservation tips for landscapes

You know I'm loving our new lawn, and we're certainly doing our best in this California drought to keep it green and gorgeous, but I have been thinking a lot lately about water conservation and ways that we can be as efficient as possible with our water use.
And if you're not a resident of my state, and you're sick of hearing about it and think that it doesn't have anything to do with you, keep in mind that most of the water in California goes to agriculture, and California supplies much of America's fruits and vegetables. You a fan of spinach and artichoke dip? In the U.S. California is responsible for 99% of artichoke production and 71% spinach production. Having a kiwi in your smoothie somewhere in our country? You can probably thank California for that fuzzy green fruit you're enjoying, as it grows 97% of them. The truth is, the drought affects all of us (at least, if you live in America) and no matter where or how you live, everyone could benefit from being a little more consciousness of how we use our water.
I'm not all doom and gloom, I know that it's only matter of time before we have a good moisture year and everything will be good again. I also know that despite the fact that some Californians seem to forget this, the majority of California is desert, and we're going to experience dry cycles forever, it's just the nature of the climate; it's time for us to be a little more water wise.
Obviously, I'm not going to suggest doing anything that I wouldn't do myself. I'm not going to sit here and tell you that depending on where you live, you should replace all your lawn and existing plants with turf or other arid landscaping. If that's your jam great; I happen to love my green grass and have waited years to be able to enjoy it, so I don't plan on letting it die anytime soon.

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