tropical pie

We got Internet back and I suppose you could say all is right(ish) with the world again! I have decided that Friday the 13th and the Ides of March should never be allowed to fall on the same weekend again. I'm not really a believer in karma or bad luck, but there seemed to be way too much bad joojoo going on in my world the past few days. But things seemed to have picked up a little bit yesterday so hopefully it's a sign of things to come!

I'm not going to lie, I've been feeling it, have you?
The need, yes NEED, for a break.
I would love to go sail away on a cruise ship or take a nap with my toes curled up in warm sand somewhere with my hubby at my side. The kids can come too.
If they're quiet and perfect little angels who will fetch me drinks and snacks.

So when I took this tropical pie out of the oven, I got a big smile on my face because it smelled like heaven.
If heaven is poolside in Hawai'i with a virgin lava flow in my hand and the scent of pineapple in the air.
See, I told you, I need a vacation big time.

I had sat around with my mom and husband debating about what pie to make for Pi Day. You know, cause that's normal, right? You all do that, right?
Somehow the idea for a pie using tropical fruits came up and while I sat on that idea for a couple days I started getting the idea for a pie version of that favorite tropical drink of mine; because, once again, that's totally normal, right?

I love that you really can taste each of the flavors in this pie. With each bite you get some pineapple, some strawberry, and some coconut (which is both in the crumble topping and in the filling!); one doesn't overpower the other, but they all work together beautifully.
Can you tell I'm just really excited about this pie?

The crumble topping is nice and thick and might be my favorite crumble topping EVER. If you have never made a crumble pie top with sweetened coconut flakes, please do so asap. You life will never be the same, at least regarding pies.

You can get the recipe {here}.

Two notes about this: