lemon pancakes

One thing that my small city has an abundance of is yummy, unique places to scarf down breakfast or brunch. Which is perfect because I LOVE breakfast foods! A few months ago my in-laws took us to one that we had been wanting to try for awhile, Katrina's Cafe, and thanks to Yelp I knew exactly what I wanted to try, their lemon yogurt pancakes. Ever since then I've been dreaming of that fresh, citrus flavor that perfectly compliments delicious, fluffy pancakes.

I tried replicating it at home with lemon flavored yogurt and some lemon juice, but the flavor wasn't nearly strong enough. Then I realized that lemon essential oil would do the trick quite nicely! I've made this both with lemon yogurt (which definitely helps with the lemon flavor) and also plain Greek yogurt (which also turns out well, but you'll want to add more lemon essential oil).

You can get the flavorful, refreshing recipe {here}! :)

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