diy yarn wrapped letters

When it comes to home decor on a budget, necessity truly is the mother of invention. Like when I wanted something else to put up on my gallery wall in my master bedroom. 
By the way, there is a reason that you haven't seen a big post about my master bedroom but you have of pretty much every other space in the house; master bedroom=dumping ground for leftover odds and ends and the last to have any attention paid to it. Sad.
Anyway, statement letters have been popular for awhile now, and you can find them in pretty much any medium available, wood, cardboard, chipboard, floral foam... you name, you can most likely find it. I wanted one for our wall, but I didn't want to spend any money. This yarn wrapped letter fit the bill!

After I printed out a large letter outline on my computer (because I do not trust my free-hand skills whatsoever), I cut it out so I could use it like a stencil. Then, using a Sharpie, I traced the letter onto some scrap cardboard.

This next part is difficult, so pay attention. ;)
I taped one end to the cardboard, then I wrapped the yarn around the letter, going every which way.
Yep, that's it!

Just make sure that you have good coverage everywhere and in a few minutes (and $0), you have a statement letter for your home decor! Even if you had to buy yarn, you can get a whole skein on sale for about a dollar, and you don't need really good quality for this, or to even use a whole skein, so it really is inexpensive!

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