#BoyMom box swap reveal!

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There are a couple of reasons why I love participating in blogger swaps. The first, is that I enjoy getting to know another blogger I might not have otherwise. Building a supportive community online makes blogging so much more enjoyable!
The second reason I enjoy them, is because my kids are always so exited to get packages in the mail, and this #boymomboxswap was no exception.
My little man and I were away the morning that it arrived, so when we got home and he saw it sitting inside the  front door he couldn't wait to open it! I made him wait until his sisters went down for a nap, but once they did he tore into that thing so quickly I couldn't even get a clear picture.

See? Seriously, this kid was moving so fast uncovering all the goodies that Jennifer had sent us!

First of all, she made sure to include lots of pretties for me. Some adorable stationary items, all coordinating (which I LOVE) and a cute handmade wreath. I had told her I liked handmade items so I was excited she had been so thoughtful!

But obviously, this swap was really all about those pint-sized men in our lives and mine loved the items he received! He got a great coloring and sticker book (which he AND sister both enjoyed thoroughly in church on Sunday!), a fun paint set (which he has been begging me to do with him, so we'll have to get on that this week), and some yummy cheese crackers. Which. Trust me. As soon as I open them for my little snack lover, will be eaten in a flash. That kid is definitely his father's son. :)

We are so thankful for Jennifer's thoughtfulness with the items she picked out! Be sure to check out my original post for more about my swap buddy, including how to keep up with her on social media!

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