let's get personal

One of my goals/desires/wishes for this blog is to get a little more personal, to share a little bit more of my life and all of its chaos with my fantastic readers. I love getting to see a little bit into my favorite bloggers' lives, it makes me feel like we're really becoming virtual bffs. :)
So next week I'll be kicking off a new monthly series and I'd love you to link up a post so we can all get to know each other a little better!

Different than my normal DIY/recipe/crafty type of post, on the first Monday of every month I'll be sharing a personal little tid bit about myself, and I promise to make it interesting.
Or at least completely embarrassing.
So be sure to come back next Monday and learn something personal about me, and feel free to link up any post of yours, new or "vintage" that shares something about you. You could talk about your wedding day, your thoughts on parenthood (the profession, not the show... well, or your love for the show if you'd like), or even just why you think strawberry ice cream is the best.
Even though we all know chocolate will trump it any time.
The bottom line is, it can be inspirational, or a hilarious antidote, there really aren't any rules (except, please keep it relatively clean)! What stories would you share with your best friends over a cup of coffee (or if you're like me, diet Coke)?
I'm really excited about this and I hope y'all will join along!

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