triple peanut butter ice cream

One of my favorite toppings for ice cream is peanut butter. Okay, okay, I have a lot of favorite toppings, but peanut butter is my go-to because we always have it on hand.
I still had some chocolate peanut butter Reese's Spreads in the pantry and I started thinking about how good it would be with ice cream. Then I thought about just going crazy with the peanut butter, so this triple peanut butter ice cream combines three forms of the good stuff!
I just love homemade ice cream. It is so delicious and creamy, and there's something really nice about it only having four ingredients and being able to pronounce each one. :)

Just in case you were wondering, no, it's not weird to devour ice cream in the middle of winter. 
It maybe is kind of silly that I generally have to follow it up with a hot mug of cocoa, usually with my husband looking at me with raised eyebrows and an incredulous expression on his face. But I think the delicious aspect of it outweighs the cold aspect of it.
Also, I almost called this recipe Lynn's Ice Cream because my bff's most favoritest thing in the world is peanut butter. 
Well, after her family. 
And chocolate. 
And okay, really all food in general is her favorite but I know that peanut butter is near and dear to her heart. 
That might be what really bonded us together, our love of peanut butter.
And sushi.
And Napoleon Dynamite.

Click {here} for the recipe!