simple diy hooded towels

Let me start off by apologizing for the terrible lighting in these pictures, but as a mom with three little mess makers and no designated craft space, I pretty much have to get all my sewing done at night at the kitchen table once they're in bed. 
Who's with me?
My two older kiddos needed new hooded towels because they had grown out of their old ones, but have you seen how much good ones cost? Not only do you have to worry about the quality of the towel (sorry, but I don't see how most kids' towels actually get them dry, they're about as thin as a paper towel), but most of them are way too small to cover a four year old. I know, I know, I could just switch him over to regular towel, but he LOVES the hooded towels!
So anyway, I decided to make my own but after looking on Pinterest I realized I wanted something simpler. This version involves no cutting and if you can sew a straight line then you're good to go! These instructions are about as clear as mud, but I'm hoping that you'll be able to get it from the pictures. :)

I started off with two full sized towels and two hand towels from Target. I let the kids pick the colors they wanted for the hand towels so that we could differentiate between the two, but when you fold them and hang them up you can only see the white part of the towel.

First I folded the hand towel in half  (the short way) so that the front sides were together. Pin along one of the sides, then stitch along the pins. 
Then unfold the hand towel and find the middle of the full sized towel. Pin the long, open side of the hand towel to the full sized towel and stitch the two together.

So basically, when the towel is folded in half it should look like this. This towel is not the traditional square shaped hooded towel, but the shape makes it really good for bigger kids. I can wrap the whole towel around my son, and he has plenty of room to grow in it still!

My kids are loving their toasty, new hooded towels and I love that they were so fast and easy to make! Plus, since I bought the towels on sale, each one I made ended up being less then what I would have paid for an inferior towels at the store. Win, win. :)