looking back: our gender reveal party

My littlest baby turns the big O-N-E in less than a month! I'm feeling a little nostalgic, so today I'm taking a look back and sharing our gender reveal party with you! Just do me a favor and ignore the bad lighting, will ya? This post originally appeared on December 11, 2013.

I had a hard time deciding what color scheme to go with for our gender reveal party, and my sweet husband was no help. Actually, I take it back, in hindsight he was a HUGE help... but I'll get to that.
I knew I didn't want to go with the standard pink and blue theme that you see at a lot of the gender reveal parties that you might find online.
So I was trying to decide between three different color schemes: navy and coral, yellow and gray, and white and black with pops of bright colors. But there was a problem with each of these.
My number one choice (navy and coral) I knew would be too hard to pull off completely with the limited budget I had set for myself. I basically have nothing in those colors (except for clothing) and even with making several decorations and a new table runner, it was just too much time and effort.
The more I thought about black and white with bright colors, the more I realized that although I'd seen this pulled off really well, it wasn't really the direction I wanted to go in.
I thought I had decided on yellow and gray, until I asked my husband if he thought that pointed at one gender over another and he said yes. I didn't want to do anything that would make people suspect "boy" or "girl" as soon as they walked in. So when I was talking to him about the color scheme about a week later, he was all like, "I don't get it, what do you need a color scheme for? What are you planning on doing? Just put down your white tablecloth." Sigh, you would think that my husband, of all people, would know about this kind of thing by now.
Then I started thinking, hmm..... white. Just white. White with natural elements, like wood. It is going to be in December, a white winter wonderland would be perfect! I had grand plans of being set up by 4:00pm so I could take pictures while the light was still semi-decent, but oh well. :)

 Cupcakes filed with colored filling were saved until the end.

We had a Old Wive's Tale board to help people make their guesses. I just used our Christmas card frame that I made last year.

Loved the mantle, just lots of different jars with candles and flowers. You can never go wrong with candles and fresh flowers, right?

Here's a picture of our tree before I added the red candy canes. Fit perfectly in with our color scheme for the party!

Before we made the announcement we voted on baby names that everyone suggested using a sports bracket format. It was pretty fun and we got some good ideas! I was a little bummed we won't get to use some of the boys names because we're having a girl this time around. :)
We had a $25 restaurant gift card and some homemade meringues in a cute mason jar for the winners of the diaper raffle and the champion of the baby name bracket. But did I get pictures? Of course not, cause I'm a bad blogger apparently.  :( But it was lots of fun for us and I think our guests had a good time as well.

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