stamped wooden utensils

I have YET ANOTHER easy project for you today that would make a nice DIY Christmas gift. I think it would also make a great personalized addition to a wedding gift, a sweet hostess gift, or a fun fifth anniversary present for a friend (traditionally the fifth anniversary gift is wood).
I had pinned {this} cute stamped wooden utensil set a few months ago and thought it would be the perfect project for me to try since I already own a metal stamp set!

By the way, the only local store I could find the right type of wooden utensils at was Wal-Mart. This really was a super fast and easy project to complete (I didn't even have to wait for nap time!). I just took my utensils out of the bag, laid them out, and spelled out my words one letter at a time, the same way you stamp metal. Only, wood is so much softer, it was much easier to stamp than the metal washers I usually stamp!

When I was done I colored in the indentations with a fine-tipped black Sharpie marker, again, just like I do when I'm stamping metal. How cute would these be with a couple's names and wedding date stamped on them?

I am in love with these and I'm sad that they're meant as a gift for someone else... oh well, with how easy and inexpensive they are to make, I'm sure I'll be making some for myself really soon!

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