refurbished book card holder

I love Thanksgiving, I really do, but since it is officially over, can I talk about all things Christmas now?!
Like, how as soon as December hits I start looking forward to Christmas cards.
And I always get really sad in December when I check my mailbox and I don't have one. :(
That being said, thanks to us moving a lot, we have made a lot of awesome friends, pair that with us having families all over, and last year we got quite a lot of cards. More than would fit in the framed card holder I'd made a couple years back (go ahead, go check it out, I'll wait for ya).
So, anyway, I pinned this fan folded book awhile ago, and I thought it would make such a cute card holder! Unfortunately, that was before I realized I should actually verify that links go to a reliable source, that pin only links back to a website, not the actual project.
Luckily for me, it's a pretty self-explanatory diy project, so this year I finally made it so I'd have more room for my Christmas cards!

Step one: Procure a hardcover book. If you have one laying around, awesome. If you can find one for super cheap at a yard sale or Goodwill type situation, also awesome. I bought mine at Dollar Tree and it has a red cover and everything, equally awesome.

Step two: Wait until the kids go to bed, grab a beverage, turn on some Netflix, and start folding those pages in half. Grab a snack. Fold some more. Keep folding.

Step three: Ta-da! You're done! Congratulations, you're super crafty! Look at that awesomeness you just made! If you have a die cut machine, like my sweet Cami, and you want to be an over achiever, cut some adhesive vinyl in a festive phrase and stick it on the cover somewhere.

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