peppermint bark brownies

I feel like it has been WAY too long since I posted a tasty recipe...
and I checked my archives, and I was right, it HAS been way too long since I posted some type of dessert.
My apologies, I'm not sure how I let such an oversight occur!
These easy and delicious peppermint bark brownies are my way of making it up to you, but since it's not really practical to actually make them and send them to all of you, all I can do is offer you pictures.
Which, on the plus side, means zero calories. ;)

These are so simple to make (in case you're a new reader, you'll find that simple is pretty much a way of life over here) but look so amazing and taste even better!

I was out of brownie mix so I made these from scratch (a super simple recipe with butter, semi-sweet chocolate, flour, sugar, vanilla, and eggs), but you could of course use your favorite store-bought brownie mix.
I won't tell anyone.

After you've baked your brownies you let them cook completely, and then sprinkle crushed candy canes on top. For a 9 x 9" pan, two candy canes was the perfect amount. Then melt some white and ilk chocolate and drizzle over the top, allow to harden, and you're already all done!
What a festive and easy treat to bring to a holiday party this year! 

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