diy bath and shower fizzies

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If you follow me on Instagram then you probably saw a couple weeks back my #diyfail with these puppies.
I fact, one of my friends said they looked like homemade marshmallows.
Thanks Tiffany. I love you too.

Luckily, my second try at making these homemade bath and shower fizzies went much better then the first.
I admit, they do kind of look like homemade marshmallows or giant sugar cubes, but if you used a different mold or colored them, you wouldn't have the problem of having your children ask you if they were ready to eat yet.
Yes, that happened.
More than once.

There are tons of tutorials on Pinterest... or maybe it's just the same few over and over. Anyway, {this} is by far the best one I found! Beautiful pictures to help explain every step, and a simple recipe. (Why do some have all this extra crud in them? I don't get it.)
Some thoughts on the process:
(1) The first go-round the ones in the mini cupcake pans didn't turn out at all. They just crumbled and got stuck. I put all the crumbles in a bag, because they still fizz up when you spoon it in, and I dipped the pan in my kids' baths that night to clean it out. The silicon molds (which are just ice cube trays I bought at Target) worked perfectly.
(2) The weather was really humid and rainy when I made these, so to help the process along I heated my oven as low as it would go (170 degrees), then shut it off and left the trays in there overnight. They dried great and my silicone molds were just fine.
(3) The directions will say to not add too much Witch Hazel. You will read that and think that you've got it handled. You will put in what you think is the proper amount. You will probably be wrong. That's what happened with my first batch, I added too much Witch Hazel and they kept foaming up. They did eventually dry, and they still work in the tub, but they're not very pretty! I'm keeping those for myself. :)

I made two different kinds, Winter Wellness and Sweet Sleep.

Winter Wellness:
Sweet Sleep:

To use these as bath fizzies, simply drop in your bath water! To use them in the shower, place them on the shower floor on the opposite side from your shower head!