30 second hoop ornament

30 seconds.
That's not just an attention grabber, if you don't factor in the time to buy the embroidery hoop, this cute and simple embroidery hoop ornament will take you less than a minute to make.

I picked up a couple of these small, 3 inch embroidery hoops when I went to the grand opening of our local Michaels store.
Which I still am psyched about, by the way.
Then I ripped off the tag, grabbed a piece of scrap lace and stuck it in there, then trimmed around the edges.

So many different options for fabric and designs, and so simple to switch out for different Christmas tree themes too!
You could even get extra fancy and actually embroider a little something on there.
Or not. I certainly didn't take the time.
This is why it cracks me up when people tell me they wish they could be crafty.
Trust me, you can be. ;)

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