#2014ChristmasPhoto Challenge: days 1-9

I'm participating in my first photo challenge with Stephanie over at Wife Mommy Me. It's been pretty fun and it's not too late to join along! For those of you  not on IG (what are you waiting for?!) here's a little recap.

{DAY 1: YOURSELF} I took a selfie while fluffing our tree branches. I love real trees but we bought this one when we were poor college students for about $20 and it's still going strong!

{DAY 2: RED} I bought this Joy marquee at the grand opening of our Michaels store. I technically got it for free because I also bought a frame and this collection was buy one get one free! I love this sign! :)

{DAY 3: TEXTURE} This is a rag scrap banner I made last year and I hang from our mantle at Christmas time.

{DAY 4: ORNAMENTS} This is my favorite ornament on our tree. I made it a few years ago and it consists of strips of paper from our wedding announcement. You can find it in the blog archives.

{DAY 5: TRADITION} This photo prompt just happened to fall on the eve before St. Nick's Day so I was able to take a picture of the kid's slippers on our hearth. I love this tradition that comes from my European heritage! In the morning before seeing what St. Nick left us, we talk about the real St. Nicholas.

{DAY 6: SWEETS} It had been a looonnnng day and I was starting to not feel so great, so some hot chocolate and Oreo cookies seemed like the perfect sweets to me!

{DAY 7: LUCKY} This one was hard for me because I don't really like to use the term "lucky", because I feel very blessed in my life. However, I did remember that I tell my kids all the time when they're being naughty, "It's lucky you're so cute..." This picture is actually a #latergram because it was taken back in May.

{DAY 8: FAVORITES} Unfortunately, only two of my kids are in this picture, and I don't really have favorites, but all three of my kids are my favorites. And when they're playing so cute like this (pretending to be Santa and Buddy the Elf) it is my favorite thing to see!

{DAY 9: ELF} I wasn't really sure what to do for this picture, until I was looking through one of my favorite childhood Look-and-Find Christmas books with my daughter and noticed all the elves on the Santa's Workshop page!

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