12 days of Christmas swap box reveal!

I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing, and magical holiday weekend! We had a great time with Mike's side of the family, even if it wasn't so relaxing for us... 11 cousins age 6 and under in one house... makes for a crazy, but FUN time!

I am so excited to finally share my 12 Days of Christmas swap box goodies! Last month I told you a little about this swap and my awesome buddy that I had been assigned and today you get to see all the fun stuff that I got! Here is also where I disclose that I did not take 12 days to open my box... just like last time my kids were SO excited about the box of presents, so I let them both pick one to open each day, so it took me half the time. (Insert blushing, sheepish face here)

Maja didn't mark the presents to open in any particular order, so I just let the kids pick out whichever ones they wanted. There were three items floating around unwrapped, so I counted those all as day 1, since there were 11 wrapped packages. :)

In the winter (especially since we have hard floors) I'm constantly wearing socks or slippers at night and these aloe infused socks are The. Best. I've ever worn! They are SO soft and comfortable! The "Let it Snow" sign was perfect for my front porch since I didn't have any time to really decorate it cute this year.

My son was so excited about opening "the tree" (even though it was wrapped he could tell because it looked like the shape of a Christmas tree!) and the kids love baking with me so this was awesome! These biscotti are seriously some of the best I've ever had!

We haven't had a chance to make this popcorn yet, but we're all popcorn lovers in this house so it'll be a lot of fun to try this! I love this little gingerbread man hand soap and I ran and put it in my guest bath right away since I didn't have any festiveness in there yet.

I really liked this swap a lot; thank you so much Maja for all the fun presents you sent! Myself and all the other bloggers involved will be linking up to Chaotic Goddess Swaps and I can't wait to check out what everyone got!

I'm not sure when the reveal will be up on Maja's blog, but be sure to head over there and check it out! I knew that she was a bit of a "foodie" and LOVES owls, so along with that knowledge and these questions, I hope I picked out some things that she loved!

1. You favorite color is _____________.
2. It doesn't feel like Christmas until you've made/baked/cooked ___________.
3. If you had to listen to one Christmas song over and over it would be ____________, and definitely NOT __________.
4. Every holiday season you can't wait to watch ______________.
5. You're favorite warm beverage for a cold winter night is ____________.

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