"grateful" sign

I love being able to quickly finish a project in one day. Especially since having kids I have such little time for crafting, it's awesome to be able to finish a project in a nap time!
I saw {this} beautiful "grateful" sign on Pinterest several weeks ago and knew that I could easily replicate it for free thanks to the frame store in my garage, courtesy of my mother-in-law.
Which actually is getting dangerously low and when I run out of free frames I will be very sad indeed. :(
But, I did happen to have an 8x10" frame perfect for this project that I had already spray painted white for a previous purpose. I wasn't using it for that anymore, and it was a little too white for what I had in mind, so some distressing was definitely in order; first with sandpaper, and then with some watered down black craft paint, wipe on, wipe off.

With my frame all ready to go I pulled out Cami to cut out some white adhesive vinyl. Since this is the season of thankfulness, I would just like to say how thankful I am for my Silhouette! It has seriously changed my life! (Nope, not compensated in anyway, just love it!)

After applying the word "{grateful}" to the glass, I got to work writing out everything our family is thankful for. This actually led to a fun conversation with my husband one night after the kids went to bed. We talked about all the things that we are grateful for, and how we don't feel like we remember to be grateful enough. I have some broader things on there, like "technology", but I also have more specific things like "hot water" and "comfortable beds" (the stormy weather we've been having inspired those two!)

I wrote it on watercolor paper that already had, then lightly painted over it with some way watered down brown watercolor paint. It helped to tone down all the white a little bit. And I don't have the nicest writing ever, but I still like it. :) 

The next day I was thinking to myself, "self, why didn't you just use the computer and print it out?" Oh well, next time. Also, I am thinking about whether or not I want to repaint the frame black, hmm...

What a good reminder that we have so much to be grateful for!

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