easy diy metallic pumpkins

This post is going up much later than I would have liked. AND it was originally supposed to go up last Friday, but considering how last week was, I'm just glad I have a post going up today at all.
Spending a couple hours at the walk-in clinic can really throw you off your game.
Also, I stand firm in my belief that Ibuprofen really is the best drug out there and am wondering why I even bother going to doctors anymore.
But anyway, I digress.

As I was switching out my Halloween decorations this year I decided to grab my mini pumpkins from my mantel and give them some metallic love with  some leftover spray paint.
I set up my very high-tech painting station (some of you might refer to it as the top of your trash can) and went to work with some Chrome and Gold, both Rust-Oleum spray paint colors. I also taped off the stems because I decided to leave them natural, but next time I think I'll just paint the whole shebang.

I did two quick coats and didn't even let them dry completely between each one, cause I'm a rebel like that.
Actually, I'm a busy-mom-who-is-trying-to-get-things-done-while-the-toddler-is-at-Preschool like that.

I feel like this totally wouldn't have been my jam a few years ago, but I am in love with my little metallic pumpkins now and love even more that they didn't cost me anythings since I used my Halloween pumpkins and leftover paint. :)

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