yard update... ish?

This year for Halloween I think we're going with a post-apocalyptic decor theme for our yard.
We'll be the envy of the neighborhood.

I think I liked it better before we started ripping stuff out. And experiencing the worst drought in decades hasn't really helped either. This is probably the worst before and after in the history of blogdom:
Yes boys and girls, the second picture is the before picture... back when everything was green(ish). Makes me wonder what was so wrong with it.
You know, other than the fact that from every angle other than the one above it looked like a big old mess.
Also, some advice for anyone working on yard projects; if you're considering planting Juniper... don't.
We finally have it all cut down so we only have the lovely roots sticking out, which hopefully will be gone by the time Saturday is over.
So now you can actually see our house... which I'm wondering was really a good plan. 

You would not believe the massive pile of green waste we have in our yard, even after three runs to our green waste parcel.
There were 10 Juniper plants crammed in there. 10! Somebody really loved Juniper.

So, lest you think that all your favorite bloggers are perfect and their houses and yards are always immaculate and they finish projects faster than you can say Juniper... rest assured, we're far from perfect, especially me.