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Okay, truthfully, I cannot believe that this Friday is already Halloween.
Also, this post could have been called, "How to get 3 costumes for your kids for less than $20".
Also, also, I was conned this year.
I bought a costume from the store. Gasp!
I have never bought a costume from the store for my kids.
Not that I'm mad at you if you do, there is definitely nothing wrong with that. My issue with store bought costumes is typically two-fold: (1) you pay $$$ for something your kid will wear once or twice (usually); and (2) I feel like costumes are becoming more and more cheaply made.
But we were at Costco over a month ago and I fell in love with a mermaid costume (that was on sale for $15!) for my little lady. I mean, how adorable is this?!

And I didn't make a stitch of her costume. Well, I did make the leg warmers but I made them a couple of years ago for daughter #1. Little lady's headband was a gift from my amazingly talented friend, Tiffany. 
Oh my. That tail. I die.
I need a legitimate excuse for her to wear this everyday until she grows out of it.

And until my kids can fight me on this, I like to dress my kids in coordinating costumes because, well, because it's extra cute. So I could have made them sea creature outfits, and I actually did think about making a fish and a turtle or a fish and a sea jelly...
But I decided for once to make my life a little easier and just pull stuff together with things I had at home.

My little hula girl; wearing one of her tank tops, one of my many lava lavas (I knew I'd be glad I kept all those), and a couple of shell necklaces I got in Hawai'i awhile ago.
Oh, and her sandals that I scored at Babies R Us for 50 cents sometime last year.

And here's my little surfer guy, staying true to his southern California roots.

I was a little concerned he would be upset about his costume, he'd been campaigning pretty hard to be Captain America for months now. But, it turns out, he was just excited to be wearing a costume at all.

So there you have it, my kiddos' Halloween costumes for this year.
And I gotta say, it was pretty nice not to have to make anything this year. Not that I won't be making costumes in the future. On the contrary, I already have their costumes planned for next year and it most definitely involves sewing (It's what they were supposed to be this year, before I got taken in by Costco and their reasonably priced, adorable costumes. Dang you Costco!). But I am really pleased with their costumes this year and it was really easy to pull them together, and stress free. Which I love.
And need.
What are y'all going to be?

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