toddler trail mix

I love trail mix, you know, the good kind with nuts, raisins, and M&M's. I mean, I like other kinds too, but that is for sure my favorite; you get a handful with the right ratio of sweet, salty, and fruity... that's the best. Here's the thing though, my son won't eat it. I know, he's weird. He'd eat all the candies out if we'd let him, but the raisins and nuts? Nope. For this most recent camping trip I decided to make a toddler trail mix that both my kiddos (and Mike and I too!) would love.

There is no recipe to this, you just make sure that you include plenty of goodies that your kids will eat, and try to keep that magic formula in mind of sweet, salty, and fruity. 

My toddler trail mix includes: S'mores Goldfish crackers, Pretzel Goldfish crackers, dried banana chips, raisins (I was hoping to sneak those into my son's mouth with all the other yummy stuff!), and peanut M&M's, because he'll eat nuts as long as they're covered in chocolate. :) For kids with nut allergies, you could of course use plain M&M's.
Is it healthy? No. But let's be honest, most trail mix is not (especially my favorite nuts-candy-raisins kind). Is it tasty and perfect for eating on the go while hiking and biking? YES!  
If you're not going to eat this mix within a couple days, then leave the raisins out, as the tend to make the graham and chocolate Goldfish crackers a little soft.

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