Primary Singing Time: Disneyland map review game

Our Primary program isn't until November this year so we still have lots of time to review (thankfully). I love review games that even though they're simple, are still a big hit with the kids and I think this Disneyland map review game fit the bill.

I saved the map image I found on {this} site; I used that one because it was fairly good quality for making an enlargement and it didn't have any of the ride information written around the outside like the normal maps do. Staples was having a printing special so I was able to print it up to 18" x 24" and laminate it for a reasonable price. I wouldn't have wanted to go much larger than that anyway because the image started to get pixelated.

Then, at home I just printed up all the land names on cardstock (using the font AR ESSENCE) and used my lazy method of laminating them, covering them on both sides with clear packing tape. :) On the back of each land was a song to review.

So, after the printing and laminating, it's a pretty simple activity to carry out and the kids enjoyed it. I started out by asking who had never been to Disneyland and was surprised that only one kid in the entire room hadn't. One! After that I do what I always do, calling on reverent kids and alternating boys and girls. It was a good time and they were disappointing when we didn't have time to visit every land. This will definitely be one we will do again.
Another alternative would be to print up a second copy and cut out rides so that the kids are picking rides instead of lands; and this would also be easily adaptable by just substituting an amusement park close to where you live!

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